Staging/Showing – Turnoffs & Tips

FIX THINGS.  If you’ve been putting off fixing that leaky shower or broken cabinet door since you moved in, now is the time to suck it up and get those items fixed.  Potential buyers are going to open doors and turn on faucets when showing your home.  If those things aren’t in working order when […]

Movin’, Movin’, Movin’

You stagger in to your new house after months of planning, packing and days full of sweat and sore feet.  Far from a relaxing new oasis, a swirling vacuum of boxes and furniture awaits your eager return. In Central Ohio, the recent number of people who are moving is increasing and according to the Holmes […]

Purchasing Real Estate in a Seller’s Market

The days of low-ball offers are over.  We’re now nearly 6 months into 2013 and the Central Ohio real estate market is in quick transition.  With housing inventory levels low, buyers are finding suitable housing hard to find. When they do find it, they’re faced with making quick buying decisions.  This article is designed to […]

Don’t Fall for a False Front

In the old west, the number one building strategy on boomtown Main Street was the false front.  False fronts were quick, easy, inexpensive, and gave the illusion that the establishment had been there longer than yesterday.  Some impressive false fronts even led the customer into a large tent. Hollywood took the false front concept to […]

Do Realtor or Buyer Incentives Really Work ?

As a Realtor in Central Ohio I’ve witnessed a variety of tactics for marketing property.  The ultimate goal is to find that one ready, willing and able buyer.  Finding that special buyer who is going to love and cherish your home can sometimes prove to be rather difficult.  When faced with difficulty I’ve seen Realtors […]

What Should I Look For In a Condo?

Wow, what a  question!  In this article we’re going to identify and touch upon just a few key  items that should be reviewed prior to purchasing a condo. Will the  condo I choose suit my current lifestyle?  The style of condo community  a buyer decides to purchase is arguably the single  most important factor to  […]

Are Foreclosures Really a Good Deal?

In today’s Central Ohio real estate market, there is one question that home buyers ask with great frequency; “Can you help me purchase a foreclosure property?”  While the answer to this question is always yes, it is often followed by an extensive series of my own questions.  One of the first questions I ask is…How […]

What’s My Home Worth?

What’s my home worth???  This is one question that has become more difficult for the typical home owner to answer in the current Central Ohio housing market.  Nowadays a lot of information circulates via the internet, so it is plausible to think that determining an accurate home value would be easier.  However, when confusing lingo such […]

Are Short Sale Prices Too Good To Be True?

Are you a home buyer who is currently considering the purchase of a home listed under the terms of a Short Sale?  Were you lured into making an offer by the incredible price?  If so, you may want to be sure you’re fully aware of what may happen considering you’re about to purchase such an […]