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Customized $10 Agent Websites

 Get your own customized agent websites for only $10 per month! 

 Setup and tutorial are only $199

What makes Zillow Premier Agent sites the best?

Simply put, the Zillow Premier Agent sites are the best that you’ll find for the money……. by a long shot.   Zillow now offers a $10 per month independent agent website.  Agents within the Columbus Board of Realtor have only recently been permitted to have their own websites with their very own IDX solution!  Up until recently all real estate agent websites that were IDX enabled (able to search for properties) were controlled strictly by the broker.   This was a major impediment for agents who wished to gain a higher online profile.  Up until now, all of the search traffic went to the broker’s site, not the individual agent.  

What does this mean to the individual agent?  Having a IDX enabled (property search enabled) website will allow you to project a stronger online image and gain your very own search traffic.  By having an IDX solution, it gives consumers a reason to stay on your webpage and contact you for questions about any property they may find through our MLS.  This helps future clients make their way directly to you instead of wading through numerous random searches and ultimately winding up on Trulia, Zillow, or (or worse … another agent’s website) where they are more likely to contact that agent who has already paid for premium placement.   

Having your very own website is a privilege that is unique to Signature Real Estate agents!  Most brokerages such Real Living, RE/MAX, and Keller Williams do not allow or limit their agents to having individual agent websites.  They do so because they wish to maintain control of agent web traffic as well as their agents online inquiries or leads. 


What is included in a Premier Agent Website?

  1. The ability to have your own domain name (e.g.,  This allows for search traffic to funnel directly to your own IDX enabled website.
  2. Ability to customize and create self-updating mobile links to your listings (e.g.,  Try it on your phone, it’s streamlined for mobile too!
  3. Instant Alerts – Emails and text messages routed directly to your phone .
  4. CRM (Client Relationship Management) system included.


Costs and Services – Provided by Greg Watson


  • Domain name purchase – $15.00 (once per year).
  • $10 per month fee to

Total Setup Fees = $214.00

Total Yearly Fees = $135.00 (After initial setup)

For those of you that would like to learn how to become more tech savvy and would like a customized website I offer an hour of training with each website setup.  This is a great way to generate your very own internet leads and create your own agent presence online!

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