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Can Your Realtor Read a Map?

Can Your Realtor Read a Map?

Why is geography important to real estate agents and their clients?   There is an old real estate saying that really does matter; location, location, location.

When my clients start their home search they typically focus their real estate search around a zip code, city (or sometimes) a school district.   Many times problems arise from using such broad methods.  Broad property search efforts can sometimes result in missed buying opportunities.  These missed opportunities allow me to demonstrate why geography is important.  My MLS (Multiple Listing Service) affords me the ability to construct property searches that utilize a polygon mapping method (see graphic).  This method allows me to carve out a very specific property search for my real estate clients utilizing map boundaries rather than typical parameters such as zip code, city name or school district name.  Map searches may not be perfect in every instance but they are highly efficient when working to find homes in niche neighborhoods in metropolitan areas.

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Hiring a real estate agent that has an understanding for a neighborhood and its boundaries is very important.  If you’re considering selling or buying a home, contact me to discuss a plan of action, it’s likely I can save you time and money.


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